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Refrigerator freezer is building up ice on inside bottom floor

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Two likely possibilities that I have seen over the years:

Blocked drain

This used to be quite common on GE side-by-side refrigerator/freezers, but maybe on others as well. Frost-free freezers aren't truly frost free. They create frost and them melt it away, it then drains into a pan somewhere to evaporate. If the drain hole clogs, ice builds up in the bottom of the freezer.


When the gasket wears out, moist air can get into the freezer. The moisture ...

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Best Hydraulic Oil Impulse Impact Driver – Head-to-Head

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Hydraulic or oil impulse impact drivers are similar in purpose to traditional impact drivers. They are intended to drive smal...

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Your Guide To A Modern Wedding Processional

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Once you’ve got your wedding party set and established their roles in your wedding ceremony, you’ll want to think about how everyone is entering the ceremony itself. The processional, a.k.a. the entrance, can be a pretty major part of said ceremony. Some couples choose to have a very small processional and walk down the aisle together, just the two of them. Or, depending on the type of ceremony and size of wedding party you choose to have, you coul...

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Canceled Home Improvement Project Leads to Refund Battle - NBC 6 South Florida

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Joyce Mathews moved to South Florida to take care of sick father.

“He wanted to remain in this home that he built in 1999,” she told us.

Mathews moved her father's Pompano Beach home to care for him. He required a lot of medical equipment and she wanted to get a generator as backup power for the equipment.

“Without the generator, h...

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Trim around hallway opening

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If you were building it from scratch without a door, you'd drywall the whole thing with a corner bead, then wrap baseboards around it all.

You can decide if that's easier or if you'd rather keep it trimmed out.

If you do keep the trim, temporarily remove it and replace the door frame with some flat painted stock. Then replace the trim.

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