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Buy Doors and Windows online?

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I recently bought a 3000sf house. I'm renovating it and replacing the 60's era sliding glass doors. I have 2x 10' sliders and 3x 8' french doors that all need replaced - it is probably $10k-$30k worth of doors. I have worked with a couple different places trying to get some prices and it is infuriating. It takes days to get an answer on anything, and there are a thousand questions like "do you want a screen on that window?" and you say, "hmm... how much does it add to the price?" the answer every. single. time. is "I don't have any idea" or "we can build out the price and then change it and figure it out". If you sit there, every iteration takes an hour, and then at the end of that they say "well... we could try it as a Pella instead", then it's a couple more hours to ask all the same questions (with all the same "I don't know" answers) only to get a vastly different price - at which point I say "can I look at a Pella door?" and they show me a 18" x 24" window and tell me that my $4000 door is "from the same line".

I have never seen an industry so ready for an online option. That said, I can't find a decent vendor who will let you build it out online.

Any suggestions?


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